A Solution Is Only As Big As The Problem It Solves.

What if one solution could change everything we thought we knew about diabetes?

By the year 2050, one in three Americans will have Diabetes.

We are at a unique crossroads in healthcare today, poised to exact real change in the treatment of diabetes. Let's reinvent a system and deliver hope to the 24 million Americans and 346 million people worldwide struggling with this complex disease.

Let's repair a broken system and save over $500,000,000 per day.

The healthcare industry acknowledges a serious new solution to diabetes treatment is both desired and inevitable. The current approach is stagnated and has been economically unsustainable and fundamentally inefficient in delivering meaningful patient care. Sixty cents of every U.S. healthcare dollar is spent on a diabetic. That's over $175 billion annually--a cost equivalent to launching a half-billion dollar NASA space shuttle every day.

Let's relieve the anxiety and simplify the management of diabetes.

With the diagnosis of diabetes comes unprecedented responsibility. In addition to meeting with countless healthcare specialists, patients struggle to learn the complexities of their own glucose, insulin, diet, exercise and metabolism. They must make daily decisions collectively affecting the long-term quality of their life.

Let's stop the trial and error and return control to both patient and physician.

Managing diabetes is frustrating for physicians as well as patients. Conventional treatment protocols make inconsistent serial adjustments, a hit-or-miss process often continuing for life.

The solution is obvious:

Manage blood glucose...

and you manage Diabetes.

Deliver a More Efficient Cycle of Care

Diabetes+Me™ transforms the healthcare industry, empowering patients and providers with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully control the disease and restore the quality of patients' lives.

As healthcare professionals, we now can deliver a dramatically more efficient cycle of care, eliminating billions in costs to patients, the healthcare industry and society.

We develop innovative solutions that deliver meaningful outcomes to patients, healthcare providers and society.

Rimidi® is a group of medical and business professionals dedicated to delivering serious hope for solving healthcare's most pressing problems. We are healthcare entrepreneurs aligned in the belief that we can do so much better, as individuals and as an industry, in providing significant and enduring solutions.

Rimidi® Diabetes introduces the first of these transformational solutions. Focused on effectively and safely managing blood glucose, Diabetes+Me™ is a software solution that empowers patients and physicians to identify gaps in diabetes management as well as the necessary steps to close those gaps, meet patient glucose targets and create a more efficient cycle of care.